Picture of How to Achieve Great Curls on Long Hair
Always wondered how to get those loose, big curls with your long hair? Look no further! It's an easy process that anyone can achieve! This instructuable will help you to perfect those bouncy waves that will look great on you!

Before we begin make sure you have the supplies necessary to complete this process. You will need one large barrel (1.5 - 2 inch) curling iron, several hair clips (whatever you feel will work to hold back pieces of hair while curling), hairspray and a comb. Now you should be ready to get started!
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Step 1: Step 1

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For our first step make sure that your hair is in a clean, dry, and natural state. We want to work with hair that will hold curls so therefore hair that already has been styled with a hair iron (ex: straightener) will not be best. Instead begin this process fresh with just simply combed and dry hair that is ready to be curled!

Step 2: Step 2

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Now let's get ready to curl! Take your comb and begin to lift, along with your hands, the top and middle layer of the hair. Collect all of the hair around the crown of the head and now grab your hair clips. You will want to clip the pieces of hair you have just gathered, to the side. This makes it possible for you now to work easily with the bottom layer of the hair.

The only hair accessible and not clipped should be the bottom layer of the hair. We will work with this next!
I really enjoyed this Instructable. You did a great job at explaining the steps very clearly! You should definitely do more hair how-to's.

One question: How long does it take you to curl this much hair?
jentri (author)  CookieDemocracy1 year ago
Thanks so much! I really appreciate it and am glad you liked it! I find that it doesn't take me as long to do this now that I have found a way to go about it and have done it often. It also depends on how much hair you are working with. My hair is thick and a long length which takes me a half hour to 45 minutes to curl this way. Thinner/shorter hair does not seem to take as long. I would estimate about 20 minutes or so. I'm sure you'll find though that you will take a little longer at first until you get used to this process (sectioning the hair off, curling each section, styling once curled) and after that you should be able to do it pretty quickly. I hope this helps!
Thanks for the great Instructable!!! I have hair about the same length, but in layers and can't wait to get that beautiful look!

Also, I am a little confused about the process. When you put the curling iron in her hair, did you place it near the scalp and wrap the ends of the hair around the iron?
jentri (author)  MyMenagerie1 year ago
Thanks! Yes, you can do it that way. I also find myself wrapping the curling iron around the hair near the scalp and slowly pulling/winding the iron down slightly which wraps more of the rest of the piece around the iron. Either way should work!
Thank you!
Maryvv221 year ago
The woman whose hair is being curled has the shiniest hair I've ever seen! How do you do it? Thanks for this instructable. You can use a smaller barrel curling iron also. My hair is so long that I curl the part closest to my scalp first and go half way down my hair. Then I release and start at the end of the first half curled. I hope that makes sense. Your method does produce "celebrity" worthy curls.
I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING!!!! Her hair is so shiny it shimmers! Please, you have to tell us what the treatment is called!

I haven't had long hair since elementary school. Short hair was not an option for my mom, but hair all down my back was. When I finally chopped it off I felt so liberated and free. Since then I've only gone between a pixie and a mid-neck bob, until a year and a half ago when my favorite hair-dude went a little nutso. I haven't had my hair cut since Nov '11 and now it's down to my bra strap. I have no idea what to do with it.
I've always admired other women's big loose curls, but have no idea how to achieve them myself. I'm going to have to try this one. Do you know if it would with curlers(?) and wet hair? My wrists tire easily.
jentri (author)  Maryvv221 year ago
Thanks! I really appreciate the compliment! Your technique sounds great. I will have to give that a try next time! Also, yes, she does have very shiny hair! She uses a treatment on her hair once a month which helps to achieve that result. Maybe that would be a good idea for another instructable? She will have to make one now too!
Thanks again!
Maryvv221 year ago
@Jentri Your welcome! A posting on how to achieve those shiny locks would be awesome. Keep up the good work.