How to Achieve Natural-Looking Waves




Introduction: How to Achieve Natural-Looking Waves The best way to create easy, loose, crimp-free curls is to use a curling iron without the clamp. Here are four steps to creating those gorgeous, carefree, waves.


1. Choose your iron: There are many ""clampless"" curling irons on the market, but you can still easily achieve this look with a regular clamp curling iron by just not using the clamp. My favorite is the Hot Tools one-inch curling iron.

2. Divide hair: Section your hair off, from above your ear and around your head. Clip it to the top of your head, leaving a bottom layer of hair.

3. Curl hair downwards: Curl hair with the iron pointed down. Wrap your hair around the barrel and hold the ends as close as you can without touching the barrel. Let your hair fall off barrel.

4. Make touch-ups: Check your hair to make sure the curls seem balanced, then spritz your hair with a quick bit of hair spray.

TIP:Start with the curling iron behind your strand of hair. You'll want the curl to go away from your face.



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