Introduction: How to Activate Led With Magnetic (mini Reed)

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This is my first instructables, sorry if there are any mistakes here.

Objective: I will teach you how to activate an LED with an magnetic.

Step 1: Materials

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1) mini reed
3) LED
4) protoboard
5) any power source(you can use the Arduino)

Step 2: Instructions:

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First, connect the power source to the protoboard.

Then, connect the mini reed to the negative end of the protoboard.

Step 3:

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Now connect the anode (+) of the LED to the protoboard and the cathode (-) to the right pin of the mini reed.

Step 4: IT'S DONE!!

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just put an magnetic near to the mini feed and the LED will work.

(Sorry if you can't see anything in the photo, it's really difficult to take a photo with an LED on!)

If you have any questions, just ask me in the comments.


JuanF53 (author)2016-03-17

worse tutorial ever!

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