Step 2: How to Add integers

Adding integers is similar to adding whole numbers, but integers can be positive or negative. To add two negetive integers, you add the same way as you would add whole numbers, but place a negative sign in front of the answer. Adding positive and negative integers can get more tricky. To do that, you subtract the larger number from the ,smaller one. Then you keep the sign from the number with the greatest common value. That means the larger number without taking the negetive into account. Ex. |5| (the absolute value of 5) is equal to 5, and |-7| is equal to 7. then you get your answer. Ex, -6+3=-3. subtract 3 from 6 and keep the negative because |-6| is greater than |3|. If you have any questions or if I have mislabeled or spelled something wrong please leave a comment. Thank You.


1. -8+3
2. 3+(-5) (ignore the parenthesis, They just mean it is plus negative 5)
3. -6+(-2)
4. -2+1
5. 5+(-3)