Step 7: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly
Then just insert all the parts into the housing and your customizable doorbell is complete. If you don't want the parts to be loose, you can fix them in place with hot glue or some other adhesive. To set the ringtone, just hold the microphone up to your computer speakers and press the record button as you play whatever sound file that you want to use. Then, whenever someone pressed the button on the transmitter, it will play your custom ringtone.

Design Notes:
The recording module that I used was not as loud as the original tone. So if you want to make it louder you can replace the speaker on the recording module or use it as the input to powered computer speakers.

Since the play button also functions as a stop button, the playback will be interrupted if someone presses the doorbell multiple times before the tone is finished. You can fix this by adding a capacitor between the recording module's ground and play pin. This will also help prevent stuttered playback that may happen with some wireless doorbells.