Picture of How to Add Instructables to your X-Acto Knife -- Super Quick Mod!
Well, yesterday my mom took me to the store Michael's to get some clay (Instructables Robot toy figure coming soon!), and I also got an X-Acto knife. I thought it was kind of plain, so here's my quick common sense mod for you X-Acto knife to have a little Instructables on it!

You can do this for people and give them away as gifts for Valientine's day if they like Instructables. Even if they don't do it for them. They'll come to the site and love it. :-)

P.S. This Instructable is common sense. Pointless. No reason. It's a mod. That's how I roll.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

Picture of Get Your Materials
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For this Instructable, you need only 6 items.

  • Computer (to print out picture)
  • Printer
  • The picture you use your computer to print out.
  • Tape
  • X-Acto Knife
  • 1 Minute of your life.

Once you have these, move on.
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Oh wow
ledzep5677 years ago
wow... your mom let you have an x-acto knife?!?!?! mine didnt come with a cover so i stole one from the art room. they are wayyy better quality then x-acto, the blade never comes out and they are more grippy anyways +1 for ghetto lamination...
my dad gave me a blue box about 2 years ago he used to play with years ago with tons of kool stuff like a descrambler then he got me a new X-acto yesterday
in the 90's they had pay channels, free channels and basic cable, the descrambler descrambles some of the channels so you can watch em for free
oh i had some of them when i was i used to plug scart leads into them and take them to pieces but my dad calls them decoders
Is that something like a starview? (Also known as a dodgy box)
ohhh, does it work for HBO? lol
yeah it did actually
wow! thats awesome. we have basic cable (channel 2 through 99) except for 14 which is HBO. but of course it still shows up on the TV guide channel so i get to see what awesome movies are playing on HBO and then have my hopes shattered by fuzz... its depressing.
a cable box works for that too HBO used to be on channel 8 and pay per view on 52, cinemax on 48, and starz on 49, we used to watch free movies all the time then they moved all those up to the hundreds and wasnt sure what to do with my once illegal cable box, wanna buy it?
not particularly lol put it on Ebay.
do blue boxes still work now?
wow... your mom let you have an x-acto knife?!?!?!

Actually, parents letting childrens have weapons is not that rare.

I have a Bokken, A Ninjato, A Bo staff, A genuine museum-bought Native-Australian Club, A Sledgehammer, A Fencing sword, A Police Baton, A Kunai, Sai's Dagger from Naruto, A Hacksaw ( Not a weapon, but still.... ), Three Boomerangs, A Pocket Swiss army Knife, A cutter, An Airsoft gun, A Katana, A home-made shinai, A slingshot, A short Metal Police club, A Keris Knife, and tons more

You just have to let your parents know that having weapons doesn't mean that you'll smash TVs, Break Vases, and do other immature stuff like that ( In other words, 'mad with power' )

I Managed to get my first weapon ( A Sledgehammer ) At the age of Eight and proved that I don't smash things senselessly with it, and I was allowed to collect even more, better weapons.
baneat Camisado7 years ago
That collection must have set you back. I don't have a use for a sledgehammer or most of the stuff you own, and if I needed it I'd borrow it from the house or from someone else. X-acto knives are pretty cool and I think this mod is actually very nice and well presented.
Camisado baneat7 years ago
Yes, this mod is a good idea. Simple yet creative. And the collection doesn't set me back whatsoever, and I even make some of the weapons I own ( The Baton, Ninjato sword ( ooohh.... sharp! ), Bokken, Sai's dagger ( uber-sharp! ) , Shinai, and my Hunting knife ( not included on the previous list ), and my short metal club ( kinda like a Japanese helmet breaker, Jutte ) and some other is made by me ). And even if it did set me back, I don't care :P
x-acto are not wepons, its an art tool
Yes, but I think he is referring to a sharp tool ( Knives ) and not the x-acto only
oh... my bad i didnt get that lol... i thought they were just talking about those :S thanks lol...
It's ok.
rofl, you arnt alowed to have an x-acto? just move it to your room and "forget" that is there... EASY FUN AND SAFE :) thats what i do lol... good for making stuff when ur bored
Huh... my mom let me have a really sharp hatchet when I was 11. Now I'm 12 and have a sword...
Gjdj3 ledzep5677 years ago
I feel bad if your parents don't let you have that stuff. Just let them know that you're responsible enough to use things like that and I'm sure they'll cave. That's how I got my soldering iron.
dpocius6 years ago
Use a piece of clear heat-shrink tube over the entire length of the handle. Makes the knife more comfortable to use long-term, too. But, most clear shrink I've seen is kind of cloudy, not really transparent.
Brother_D7 years ago
I did this to my pencil so everyone at school can see.
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
I have the same one, have you had a problem with the cap coming off? It came off in my pocket, and hurt me.
Mine's is in an attache case with three types of knife of different sizes with like 12 different blades.
GorillazMiko (author)  ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
Yeah, it happens a lot.
cormac30507 years ago
nicolasjara7 years ago
I like it.
My printer ran out of ink and the logos are now pink
theburn77 years ago
May i suggest a higher resolution one
the instructables.gif
ultrauber7 years ago
Finally got my 1st X-acto! Totally doing this!!!!!!!
=SMART=7 years ago
Great ! i just did this to my X-Acto knife
Im doing this as i read this.
i have one just like that!!! i paid $3.48 for it at office depot how much was it at mike's? i couldnt find one there
GorillazMiko (author)  Yerboogieman7 years ago
Around that price I think.
Gjdj37 years ago
I'm going to upload pictures of all of the things I've "Instructables" modded.
Gjdj3 Gjdj37 years ago
My sticker "modded" laptop!
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