Step 2: Whisker Making

Picture of Whisker Making
Step 1 - (Twisting the Whisker Wire)
  • To make our whiskers a tad more stiff we will double up the wire. To do this cut your wire into two 60 cm lengths.
  • Secure one end of the wires in a vise. and the other end in the chuck of a drill (squeezing the two pieces together so when you turn the drill on it twists the wire)
  • Sandwich one 15mm bolt, between the two wires 30cm from the end.
  • Turn the drill on and go until the wire is tightly twisted, with the 15mm bolt secured in the middle.

Step 2 - (Bending the Whiskers)
  • Print out the whisker bending guide (04-WHIS-Whisker Bending Guide.pdf)
  • Bend your wire into the pattern (I used a pair of needle nose pliers)
(no need to fret about being precise, the included pattern is one which works well but any number will suffice)