How to Add a Skin to your Minecraft Character

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Hello fello 'iblers!
This 'ible will teach you how to install an make you very own totally customizable character skin in the game Minecraft. This is my first Instructable so if you haters are gonna hate, go somewhere else! 

These are all the links to the websites you will need:
http://solidfiles.com/d/27e8/ for downloading McSkinEdit
http://www.minecraft.net for uploading you skin
http://www.facebook.com because everyone needs to follow in the steps of Creepers and stalk their friends!
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Step 1: Getting Started

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The first thing you are going to have to do is download a skin editing software called mcskinedit (you can use others but I find this is the best one) Search mcskinedit in Google search to find and click on the first link (or whatever one says minecraft forum) Click on the link that says latest next to it, then click download file. If you are on a Mac the downloads window should pop up.

Step 2: Opening McSkinEdit

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While the download window is still open click on McSkinEdit and while in the folder open up the .jar file. In older version you would have had to enter a code to get the preview working but they have fixed that in this new version. Follow the picture notes because a picture tells a thousand words. Once you have the actual application open you can start!

Step 3: Saving the Application

I don't have pics for this step but just click 'view in finder' and save the entire folder to wherever is most convenient for you.

Step 4: You are technically done!

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You are now done and are free to express yourself creatively through your Minecraft skin! Keep reading this instructable for how to make a pig skin.
Here's one! 500 points if you name the character!
I was wondering how to do it
Cool!! =) It worked
I found it easier and much more effective to open minecraft.jar look in mob then make a copy of char.png then open in photoshop elements (my prefered program) then save it as a different file and put it on your desktop or wherever then install it via minecraft.net
trker (author)  BIOhazard_inc3 years ago
That would be for altering the skin of Steve. If you did that I suppose it would still show up even if you were offline, is that right?
you could do that by renaming the custom char.png and saving it in minecraft.jar but I just gave it a name and uploaded it to minecraft.net

I might do an instructable on how to change the skin for offline playing
trker (author)  BIOhazard_inc3 years ago
You wouldn't have to rename it, if you did it woukd work, because the gameaccesses the file name not the contents
unless you had renamed the custom skin based on steve then you'd have to rename it char.png
trker (author)  BIOhazard_inc3 years ago
Thats what i meant
thats what I meant too

oops lol
For those of you who are interested:

Google Chrome has a plugin on the Chrome web store, called Minecraft Skin Preview, that will let you see how the skin looks on your player, on your profile page.

Hope this helps someone.
trker (author)  AlternateLives3 years ago
Thanks! That's really cool!