How to Add/Edit a CRPSHARE Calendar (My.Calendars.Net) Event

This instructable walks you though how to add or edit a CRPSHARE calendar event.

The interactive calendar is currently set to allow anyone to add or edit any calendar event - It will remain set this way unless it is abused.

Ideally, the CRP community will use the calendar to promote and plan upcoming on-campus and off-campus events - including awards deadlines and coordinating the timing of core course assignments (and, possibly, the content of those assignments).

Archiving and exploring old calendars can also help with future individual and organizational planning.

The CRPSHARE calendar was created at - where you can create interactive calendars (you determine how interactive) of your own in a variety of languages - FOR FREE!

So, let's get started learning how to add/edit events to the CRPSHARE calendar!

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Step 1: Go to and click on the calendar link

a pretty self-explanatory first step - go to and click on the calendar link . . . .
(Note: occasionally the calendar is down, due to maintenance work at

Step 2: Explore the calendar - find the date you want to add an event to.

Check out the calendar! Select the month that you would like to add an event to. Either click on the numeric date itself or on the add events: daily link ito the right of the screen to add an event.
(Note: the duration link allows you to create events spanning several days, the period link allows you to creats events that happen on a regular basis)

If you are editing an existing event, click on the numeric date of the event that you would like to edit.

Step 3: Create an event

Once you have selected the date that you want to create a date for, click create.

if there are events on the date you select, they will be listed with the option of editing or deleting - scissors icon (see step 5).
leevonk8 years ago
who the hell cares about crapshare