Step 10: Playing with coins

Picture of Playing with coins
Give the tots a jar of coins and containers to put them in. I'm not sure what the big attraction of this activitiy is but they do seem to find it entertaining so who am I do complain! :) (Make sure your tots understand not to eat the coins.)
An Villain5 years ago
toddlers+coins=choking hazard, most mothers do not like their young ones playing with coins, especially shiny ones.
marvelis6 years ago
i forgot to mention, if it bothers you, you can always wash the money before they play with it.
marvelis6 years ago
when my kids are playing with round objects, i ask them to put a blanket down. it muffles the sound and helps prevent items from rolling away. =o)
atsamom7 years ago
OhMyGosh my two and three year olds can not keep their hands off the coins my hubby drops around the house. This keeps them entertained for hours.