Step 2: Sandbox

Picture of Sandbox
Tots Playing in Sandbox
Sandboxes are fun both outdoors and indoors. When used outdoors it's good to put a sheet of plastic under the sand to prevent your tots from digging through the sand and into the soil which will make the sand dirty. It's also great fun to flood the sand box during warm weather so slope your plastic so that the water will drain away from the house and toward a shrub. Pierce a few holes in the plastic on the downhill side so it will drain slowly.

When used indoors I recommend putting your sand box in the middle of a tight weave area rug or carpet remnant. This way you can just lift it up and dump most of the spilled sand back into the box. You can also vacuum the carpet if you want to be extra tidy or take it outside and throw it over a clothesline and beat on it. I prefer carpet rather than vinyl because carpet tends to clean the toddlers' feet and trap the sand whereas vinyl keeps the sand right on the surface to be tracked all over the house.
mamamari6 years ago
We have an indoor ´ricebox´ It´s awesome and my daughter has been busy for hours since we set it up yesterday for our toddler group. we just got a really large plastic storage tub from Ikea or the like and filled it with about 14Kilos of rice. Much easier to clean up and it feels really cool. Great to bury items in and hunt for them. We also use our beach toys in it like the water wheel (where you pour water in the top and it makes the wheels spin) great with rice. Good to get a box with a lid so it´s easy to store.
stimps7 years ago
Full of great ideas! I'd just suggest that an outdoor sandbox needs to be well covered at night, as many friendly felines will declare it their own.
jbailes7 years ago
Indoor sandbox! Love it. Great "out of the box" ideas. And, it's nice to see a disconnect from electricity driven activities...even in the clean up! My husband (we're grandparents now) would insist on schlepping the ShopVac in from somewhere to suck up the sand. On the other hand...it would be recycling. :-) Love your photos.