Picture of How to: Android App Inventor
App Inventor from Google is a very useful tool when it comes to prototyping applications for an Android device, in this Instructable we look at Installing the components needed to create them.

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Step 1: Step 1: Equipment

Picture of Step 1: Equipment
You will need:

A computer with internet.

System requirements:

Computer and operating system

Macintosh (with Intel processor): Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6
Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
GNU/Linux: Ubuntu 8+, Debian 5+


Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher
Apple Safari 5.0 or higher
Google Chrome 4.0 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher

Step 2: Step 2: Test your Java configuration

Picture of Step 2: Test your Java configuration
Your computer needs to run Java 6 (also known as Java 1.6). You can download Java from

Test your Java configuration by performing both of the following tests:

1. Visit the Java test page. You should see a message that Java is working and that the version is Java 1.6.

2. Run the AppInventor Java test by clicking on this link. This will check that your browser is properly configured to run Java, and that your computer can launch applications with Java Web Start.

App Inventor will not work on your computer if these tests do not succeed. Don't go on to try to use App Inventor until you've dealt with the issue.

Step 3: Step 3: Install the App Inventor Setup Software

Picture of Step 3: Install the App Inventor Setup Software
Before you can use App Inventor, you need to install some software on your computer. The software you need is provided in a package called App Inventor Setup. Follow the instructions for your operating system to do the installation.

Instructions for Mac OS X: Here
Instructions for GNU/Linux: Here
Instructions for Windows: Here
rimar20003 years ago
This is an excellent guide! I was able to install the App Setup Software Inventor, but when I get to step 4 I struck me, because I do not know which device to choose. I have a Lindsay A-1A Tablet PC , it is not a phone.
OK, I did all steps (without identifying phone)

I started a project, I need to open and read a TXT, but can not find anything like this in the options on the left.
johnpauull1 year ago

Informative post on android app inventor. Thanks for the share.

rogermyers1 year ago

Your link to app inventor is broken

grobeson1 year ago
I was unable to get past step 3 due to the link regarding App Setup Software for Windows is broken. Can you please help/update?!
JCTech352 years ago
Seems as though the second link is broken : /
TheSmartLemon (author) 3 years ago
Thanks for your comment, I have spent about an hour figuring it out and I'll put an instructable up for you in a few hours ( I have to write a report about a java program I wrote for an assessment ) I'll try and get it done as soon as possible for you. Any other questions I'm keen to answer. Btw your device should be able to connect, just plug it in with USB and if you have the drivers installed for it and the software installed correctly you should be able to click on "Connect to device" and click on your MAC address and you should see an app named "AppInventorApp" come up on your device, it might take a while but it should come up, be patient, also if your device is ready to be connected the little mobile icon in blocks editor next to "connect to device" should turn green
My tablet is a cheap one, but I have not drivers for it in my notebook. I connected them via USB, I can see disks F and G with read-write rights.
I think I have not all elements needed to create an app. The problem is compounded by my limited knowledge of English.

My notebook have Windows XP.

I don't see a "Connect to device" button in the tablet, maybe it is a vertical arrow pointing down over a thick line, but when I click it, the tablet shows date and time.

What I wanted to do is TXT reader that allows searching for a word, which I have not found among the free available on the web.

Good luck with your program, and not worry about me anymore.

TheSmartLemon (author)  rimar20003 years ago
I will be able to develop you an application to do this over the next few weeks, it might not be glamorous but it will work, you speak Spanish right?
I speak spanish only, I live in Argentina.

My need is to open two files .txt simultaneously, but in my tablet I can not do this with the eBook reader. I tried some other txt readers, but they lack of search. I want that feature to find words in dictionaries. Another pesky problem are the latin characters, many readers don't recognize them.

The Android Version is 1.6, the vendor of the tablet says that don't upgrade it because then the device will not functions anymore.
TheSmartLemon (author)  rimar20003 years ago
I know this comment was a while ago but I have advanced highly in the past year, I can help you with any of your endeavours if you need help, I'm keen to help
Thank you for your offer, but my Android tablet broke and do not think I will buy another for a while.

Congratulations for having learned a lot from Android!
TheSmartLemon (author)  rimar20003 years ago
Hmm, do you know what happened to it? software or hardware malfunction ?
The problem was hardware, or perhaps my brain software: the tablet was in the pocket of my jacket, on the backseat of the car, and I did not realize and threw the extinguisher above. Split the screen into countless splinters. Repair it is not easy, and costs more than I want to pay.
TheSmartLemon (author)  rimar20003 years ago
Wow that really sucks, how much did it cost you?
Almost two years ago, it cost me about U$S 150.
TheSmartLemon (author)  rimar20003 years ago
I will see what I can do over the next few weeks, I'll try my best and try for the best result for you, I do not usually use app inventor for making applications as it is limited to a certain extent, I write code in Java mainly because it is used for Android development, I believe strongly that I can do this for you also including a search option for you, latin characters shouldn't be a problem if your device runs Android applications

Spanish translation:

Veré lo que puedo hacer en las próximas semanas, voy a tratar lo mejor posible y tratar de obtener el mejor resultado para usted, no suelen utilizar el inventor de la aplicación para la solicitud, ya que se limita en cierta medida, que escribir código en Java, principalmente porque se utiliza para el desarrollo de Android, creo firmemente que puedo hacer esto para usted también incluye una opción de búsqueda para usted, caracteres latinos no debería ser un problema si el dispositivo se queda aplicaciones de Android
Thanks, ThaSmartLemon, you are very friendly.

I reiterate my offer to translate your programs. If you put all literals in a "resource file" with language key for each, it is very easy.

Do not worry to translate your answers into Spanish, because I can read them without problems if they are "normal" English. Of course, if you use slang, I don't understand, with rare exceptions.
If you want, I can translate your programs to spanish. I am not professional translator, but can do it well. You have goodwill, I reciprocate...
REA3 years ago
for the Mac users who are good with HTML and javascript, PhoneGap is a good dev kit.
TheSmartLemon (author)  REA3 years ago
In fact one of my instructables that I am working towards is about dreamweaver. I also believe PhoneGap have a good development kit, especially since it is cross platform