Step 5: Step 5: Setting Up Your Phone

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(This is when the cool stuff starts) 

Plug your Android phone in to your Mac or PC.

On your Android phone, go into Menu > Settings > Applications > Development and select both "USB debugging" and "Stay awake"; this will keep the phone from turning off while it's plugged in, and USB debugging will allow you to operate the Android phone while it's plugged in with your computer.

Then, locate the Android SDK folder on your hard drive. In the Tools folder, locate DDMS and double click it to launch it. A terminal will pop-up. If you did everything correctly with Eclipse, you should get the "Dalvik Debug Monitor" to automatically pop up after the Terminal command finishes.

Select your Android phone from the left pane, then go to the menu bar and from the Menu Bar select Device > Screen capture.

Hints and tips:

With my Device I had to install drivers, I did this by selecting the option to Install from disc when it came up and it installed the drivers from my device.

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