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Introduction: How To: Andy Sixx Make Up

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Well for Halloween i was going as Andy Sixx from Black Veil Brides, but i couldn't find anything really helping me do it so i decided to help out someone else and enter the Halloween contest at the same time. By the end your face should like more or less like this.

Step 1: Supplies

Depending on how much you want to look like him the basic supplies are cream make up, black but if you want to go all out and have a white face then you need to get white too.
I just went with the make up but if you want to be more realistic just get a plain white V neck and some skinny jeans, and a paint brush.

Step 2: Base Coat (optional)

If you're going all out you need to start by taking the white cream make up and with a make up sponge or the paint brush you need to just spread it out evenly all over your face, you can just make an outline around your eyes because they will be filled in with black anyway.
Sorry i don't have pictures of this but i couldn't find white cream make up when i went to
Walmart so i just went with the back parts because I'm pail and I've seen him do just the black parts before.

Step 3: The Black Part

Ok this is the part i started at, basically i just took the cap off the make up tube. I just stuck the paint brush in the tube then just kind of sketched in a smile with it then added the stitches. Then for the eyes i just took more of the cream make up and make a circle/oval shape around my eyes with rough edges then make some lines going down to make it look more dark.

Step 4: Final Touches (optional)

Some of the times he has a lip ring in so if you want to do that but don't want to go through the trouble of piercing your lip you can make a cheap one using a spiral bound notebook and some wire cutter, just take the wire cutters and cut off a circle from the binding then just bend it open till it fits over your lip. Then the other touches are just painting your nails black (not sure if he does it but it works well with the make up) skinny jeans and either a white v neck or i just went with a tight black shirt and a hoodie over it. The only problem i ran into was i did this about half an hour before the party and by the end of the night the mouth was just about gone so i recommend doing it like an hour before and using more coats or better make up (mine was just like a 1$ tube from walmart)



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    Looks awesome! The eyes are perfect. Black Veil Brides is one of my top 10 favorite bands. I'll definitely have to try this in the future. :)

    Guys be quiet he tryed

    okay so first of all its all wrong. andys eyes are to more of a point out towards the end of the eyebrow in more of a catlike feature with eyelash like tips leading off from the start oof the inner eye and gettiing prgressavly longer toward the outter eye. the lines under neath his eyes are more thinned in the width and there are about four each eye with one major long one. and on one side on one of the major long ones theres a stich line. only one.

    his mouth is more of a straight lined smile on only one side of the mouth with stich lines. and youve forgotten the most imortant part of the smile. the lip make up. you need to put bright red lipstick on then line your lips with liquid eyeliner, then smudge it in by rubbing your lips together until theres only a little amount of red.

    next time if you want to help people try this.

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    lol first of all this was based off OLD andy sixx and secondly their makeup is changing constantly

    To be honest he does his makeup pretty differently from that USUALLY, i'm not saying this is how he allways does it, but normaly he only does a chelsea smile on one side and its starighter rather than curved, plus he makes half his lips black. But the eyes are awesome, I can't get that for some reason, i make it look like someone just thrown eyeliner at my face :S well done with the eyes :D

    Andy Sixx is the lead singer of black veil brides and i wasn't going for Alice Cooper i don't listen to old rock. It kind of shocks me how few people have heard of black veil brides, they are really new but they have some really good songs. Also this is not ment to be Nikki Sixx either i don't listen to any old rock.