How to Apply 3D Printing to Create Bronze Sculpture





Introduction: How to Apply 3D Printing to Create Bronze Sculpture

Tany Foundry is among the first few art foundries to combine 3D printing tech with bronze casting to create beautiful sculptures. 

This turorial teaches how we do it.

Step 1: Digital Modeling

The first step is to use common digital modeling tools, like Rhino, Zbrush, Autocad to create a digital model.
The common file format for 3D printing is STL.

Step 2: 3D Printing

After the digital model is created, we will print it out. 
We use high definition professional printer for printing sculpture with high level details, like this piece.
This sculpture features many small facets and edges. Printer has to capture the details accurately to create the sculpture. 
The printed has to be carefully finished before next step. 

Step 3: Silicon Rubber Molding this sculpture is to be made with the lost wax casting technique, our next step is making a silicon rubber mold and wax work from the printed model.

Step 4: Bronze Casting Sculpture

Our next step is using the rubber and wax model for bronze casting.
Our craftsman will carefully cast bronze, do chasing and polishing on the bronze casting sculpture.

For more info on how to apply 3D printing to create bronze sculptures. Please visit our website.



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Yes this should be on explainables not instructables.

I like what you are doing with the 3d print to bronze but this is not a very good instructable because you are not telling in detail what you are doing, more like using instructables as and advertising site to lead people to your website IMHO.