How to Apply Blush





Introduction: How to Apply Blush

For me, blush is one of the steps in make up that can't be skipped. It livens up a look and gives the face a healthy glow. Instead of pinching your cheeks every now and then for that natural flush, here's a pretty easy way to get that glow.

Step 1: Determining Where to Place Blush

While smiling is a great way to determining where blush goes, I like to adapt it just a bit. When you smile and place blush right on the highest point of of your cheeks, blush can look misplaced when the face is relaxed. What I mean by that is it can be placed too close to the center of the face and look awkward. As a safety net, smile and place the blush towards the outer portion of the highest point of the cheeks.

This will be the point of where the blush is most concentrated. Remember that the place where you first place the blush brush will be the most concentrated area. Start at this point and in circular and upwards sweeping motions blend the blush up into the hairline. Blend until harsh lines are nice and soft and done!



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    thanks i will definetly use it

    this is really helpful to me... thanks a lot...

    Wow she's pretty I wish I looked like her this is what I look like I'm ugly

    It is so simple and yet it's the first time I've seen an actual tutorial on blush application. Thanks!