How to Apply Cream, Liquid and Powder Blush




Introduction: How to Apply Cream, Liquid and Powder Blush  Blush is one of the best ways to wake up your face. But if applied incorrectly, it can make you look old and even a little crazy. Here's how to apply blush correctly.


Powder Blush
1. Best for: Anyone.
2. Brush size is important: A medium-sized brush allows control of color and shading.
3. Get vertical: Hold brush vertically and dab color onto cheeks.
4. Easy does it: Start lightly and build to desired intensity.

Cream Blush
1. Best for: Dry or mature skin.
2. Finger fun: Apply color with middle finger. Start at the base of apple of cheek and blend upwards and outwards.
3. Ring it: Use ring finger to blend edges.

Liquid Blush
1. Best for: Oilier skin.
2. More finger fun: Apply to back of hand to use as a palette.
3. Blend: Apply much like cream blush starting at the base of cheek apple and blending upwards and outwards.
4. Work fast: Liquid blush dries quickly.

Tip: Use a light hand and slowly build intensity until desired shade. Otherwise, you could end up looking like a clown!



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