How to Apply False Eyelashes




Introduction: How to Apply False Eyelashes False eyelashes are a fantastic way to elevate your look. Here are four tricks to make the application process customizable and fun.


1. Apply eye-makeup: Your false lashes are the last thing you will do, so make sure you've got all your eye makeup in place before you start. Add liquid eyeliner, curl your lashes and, as an optional step, add mascara.

2. Measure and trim: Prepping your false lashes ahead of time will make the application simpler. You can customize your look by playing with the lash size.

3. Relax and lash up: Apply glue and place the false lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible.

4. Press and seal: Secure the false lashes to your lid, allowing about one minute for adequate drying time.

Tips: Create a curve on the false lashes by pressing them onto a tubular object like a mascara tube or thick eye shadow brush to help the lash-landing process. Or for a mod look, cut a single lash in half, stack the halves, and wear them on the outer corners of your lid.



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