How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner




Introduction: How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner  Some people call liquid liner ""tight liner"" because the best use of it is in a very tight fashion, drawing on the wet part of your eye between the last line and the actual eye. It can be a little intimidating, but it is easy once you learn how.


1. Prepare: Do all your makeup except your eye liner and mascara.

2. The top lid: Starting in the inner corner, place the pen or brush under the lash line, NOT above it, on the wet part of the eye. Draw short, gentle strokes to outline the eye. Here I used CoverGirl Line Exact in brown.

3. The lower lid: Repeat, again, taking care to get between the lash line and the eye.

4. Finish: Add mascara on the upper and lower lashes

TIP: If you have any eye sensitivity, this may not be a good technique for you



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