This is fir you If you want to travel to China and need a visa or you are already in China and your Visa is about to expire.

The simplest solution is to head over to Hong Kong to apply or a Chinese Visa.

Why Hong Kong???
-the food is fantastic
-an ideal place to start your travels in China
-an excellent destination with loads to do and see while you wait for your visa to be processed
-very accessible from mainland China
-most people don’t need a visa to enter Hong Kong
-Hong Kong is the easiest place in the world to get a legitimate Chinese visa

Step 1: Getting to Hong Kong

First you need to get to Hong Kong. If you are outside China, this is easy. Book a flight on one of the many airlines that fly to Hong Kong. If you are in China, the cheap option is to catch a train to Shenzhen and cross into Hong Kong on foot at the Luohu border crossing. The expensive option is fly to Shenzhen and more expensive yet is to fly directly to Hong Kong.

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