How to Arduino #3 - Servos!





Introduction: How to Arduino #3 - Servos!

How to use servos - I show how to connect and program servos on the Arduino. I am using the TowerPro MG995 and HiTec HS-322HD servos.



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    aha! this super video is exactly where I wanted to start, thank you muchly. Most notable that I learned: Those things are a lot stronger than I thought, and for some reason I love the sound they make, and I didn't know you don't have to compile the program after each change (ok, I'm new); that was very interesting your explanation of how the potentiometer is feeding back the location, and how you 'cheated' that to make it keep rotating,..that's kinda scary, actually,..I'll probably thinking about that next time I fly,..some flight control surface will keep turning and rip away from the wing...

    I am wondering how come your Arduino is so tiny? I'm a total newbie so I am sure that's just another model. I want to make a video camera panning mount for the top rear of my Honda Fit, connected to the turn signals, with dashboard screen, facilitate safe lane changes, and spy on people (of course!) After your vid I am thinking of having a potentiometer override.