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So now that you’ve made it through your first date, the next step would be to ask her out again if you find her to be second date material. Make sure she knows you had a good time and will be getting in touch with her about a second date if that is what you decide to do. Otherwise, just let her know you had a good time and leave it at that.

After having gone through the initial phase of meeting a girl, getting to know her and her interests, and asking her out on a date, the rest almost seems easy! Once you’ve gone through the process once, it will be easier the next time, and the next after that. Each time gives you a new experience where you’re able to learn and tweak your approach; until you finally find the one that works for you and land the girl of your dreams. Happy dating!
So there's this girl on Twitter that I know well and she tweeted "I want to go on a date to the zoo ?" What should I say or how should I approach her?
<p>How do you get a girl on her own to ask her? She always seems to have one or other of her girlfriends with her</p>
I have a crush on this girl that i sit next to in ss and i am planning on asking her out tommarow what should i say ? ( were in fifth grade)
<p>First up, I'm a girl, and I think this is super sweet. As a matter of fact, I'd say all of my friends would think it's sweet too. I think the concept of getting to know a girl is great because then she knows that the guy likes who she is as well as what she looks like. Personally, I think it's important to date a girl in person because it can wear down on the couple if they can't see each other. Another thing to all the guys out there who are afraid to ask a girl out, have courage! It speaks a lot for a guy to man-up and face possible rejection, and good girls will recognize it. Good luck you guys!</p>
<p>It's very important to be yourself when you ask a girl and this yourself must be a charming person who loves his own person and respect the girls. To become a charming character, a real gentelman you must respect your self, smile all the time, be clean and your clothes must look great and smell nice. You are the big bad wolf who speaks nice to everybody and you are not affraid to get involved with new people. A lot of hot girls, you will pick up easy from libraries, supermarkets, parks and bars. How you approach the girl is very important, simply present you and you will have 1% success rate, have dog with you and your chanches will grow up to 10%, do something amazing and you success rate will grow up to 60%. Use <a href="http://dotelekinesis.com/miracle-mastery/master-mentalism-learn-psi-tricks/" rel="nofollow">mentalism tricks for dating</a> and you will 100% obtain a nice threesome for the night :)</p>
So I went to a Super Bowl party at one of my dads friends(let's just call him bill) house that he's known for a really long time and bill's daughter has had a boyfriend for quite awhile that I'm not sure if they just broke up or not. But during half time me and my cousin went to play darts and foosball and her and her sister followed us out and we decided to play a game of foosball so me and my cousin were on a team and her and her sister. She kept bragging she was really good and I'm also pretty good too so my cousin and her sister decided to let us play offense while they played defense. As we were playing she kept trying to shoot the ball by me but I kept blocking it(for the most part) and when I did she gave me this look like she was maybe impressed at how good I was or something. Me and my cousin ended up losing cause he sucks (lol) so she was kinda teasing about it. So we all decided to play darts and when I went up to throw she kept giving me the same look that was like a half smirk with a tad bit of wonder in it. I ended up winning and we went back inside to finish watching the game and we really didn't talk that much because I'm a tad bit shy and her and my family was in there watching. Also right after my dad was in a rush to get out so we left pretty fast and I didn't get a chance to talk to her. So I added her on Facebook later that night and was trying to figure out if I should message her or not. I keep thinking it's kinda weird because we're a little different (shes more into country stuff and I'm more into rap/hip-hop culture). Another thing is that she's about 2 years older then me (I'm 19 and she's 21). What do y'all think should I go for it? Our parents are really good friends and I don't want it to be weird when we see each other. If y'all think it's a good idea any tips on what I should say?
<p>Just thought id let you know to be careful with facebook chat for stuff like that. ive had really bad luck in the past with it. If you can connect in person always choose that method, im a shy guy too but its worth the effort. Like today i met a girl at the gym.. MAYBE i'd try finding her on facebook if i don't run into her for a couple weeks... and even then it owuld just be to see her schedule to meet up at the gym again. So i say go for it 100 percent but do it in person. </p>
<p>Addendum:</p><p>If you're (young and) inexperienced in the dating game, then <em>practice</em> is helpful. Before taking the plunge and asking a girl out, do a dry run or two with a sympathetic older female -- a sister, an aunt, or (horrors!) even your mother. This is a good way to get past the jitters and improve your technique.</p>
Hey guys honestly i have been thinking on how to go on with these. I just found a girl my heart beat for. When she's not there i can't breaths, i don't want to ask her out and turn me down. What do i do
<p>If I were you, tell her how you feel. If she doesn't like you then just be friends, and try to engage interests then she may think again about saying &quot;no&quot;. If she says yes then I would ask for her number and get to know her for about a week, and see how things are going. If it goes well, ask her out. If its akaward between you guys, then just wait a few more weeks until she &quot;warms up to you&quot;. hope this helped :)</p>
<p>so I need help! There's this girl that I like and am fairly certain she likes me but I'm not so sure. The problem here is I will see here at college every day for the next 3 years so if I as her out and she says no then there's that awkward tension between us the rest of our time at college. What do I do? </p>
<p>I would wait until the end of the collage class then if she says no you dont have to see her again, but if she says yes then ask for her number or ask when you guys could meet. hope this wasn't too late :)</p>
<p>Oh my good this actually worked the girl Iike actually said yes holly carp so nervous</p><p><a href="http://bridesstars.com" rel="nofollow">http://bridesstars.com</a></p><p>website</p>
Theres this girl on our school she is cute and she stares at me sometimes but im shy to ask her out and I dont know if she has a boyfriend any advice?
<p>Ask her if she is in a relationship, if so, ask to be friends, if not go for it.</p>
Their is this one girl I knew since 4th grade and we r best friends show should I ask her out or just be freinds
I would go for it the worst thing she could is say no but most girls like confidence so yes you should
There is this girl I liked since 6th grade but now we're at different schools should I ask her out over the phone or go for someone else?
<p>Hey everyone, I like this girl in my class but I don't how to ask her out cause i'm shy and she hangs out with a lot of guys but I like her a lot and I need Help.</p>
Hey guys, so there's a new girl that just moved in next door and when ever she sees me she lightly insults me (something like &quot;oh hey stupid&quot;) and I don't know if that's good or bad. I've never had a girlfriend before and I get nervous is this insults thing good or bad? thanks, Ethan
<p>sometimes its good</p>
<p>I'd start saving for an engagement ring if I were you..........</p>
Good sometimes
I have a cute girl in my program and I'm going to ask her out. I'm really nervous cause this is my first girlfriend. I have 1 day till I ask her, any more tips?
<p>Be confident and don't pause between words or talk to fadt </p>
She's not your girlfriend. If she hasn't said yes
I have a girlfriend but I tried giving her a gift and she just walked away can someone tell me why that happens
<p>Maybe she isn't interested anymore, or didn't like the present, idk man some girls can be hard to figure out</p>
It's probably just a little embarrassing for her
Women are like that sometimes, my friends and I have had that happen before
I like this girl in my class but she talks too a lot of boys and she's like always hanging around with cool people so I'm always nervous to ask her out
<p>Get to know her more, and if you want to ask her out do it when she is alone, and not around other people</p>
This girl she is in my math language arts and social studies.she keeps looking at me and smiling what should I do
<p>Do what this instructables is telling you to do, who knows maybe you will get lucky</p>
Oh my good this actually worked the girl Iike actually said yes holly carp so nervous
<p>Very wise article, I fully agree. Just do be kind and patient, make small steps to conquer her. Love takes no hurries, it's for patient and thoughtful people. Nice guys are just the type to find real love! You may find many lonely hearts, friends, dates and years may pass till you chose the one among them. Just don't give up, be cheerful, communicate easily, be open-minded, talk on Tinder, https://kovla.com/datings/us/dover/, MeetUp, be forever young! And may God help you! Good luck!</p>
<p>I've been looking so a useful articel like this. All men should learn from this!</p>
<p>Im very happy</p>
<p>I did it and the girl said yes</p>
So i have know this girl for awile and i really like her but i dont know if she really likes me back
Have somone on the inside that u trust and ur crush trusts
<p>I would just be yourself</p>
<p>Asking her out on last day of school</p>

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