How to Assemble MiniHand (robotic Hand)





Introduction: How to Assemble MiniHand (robotic Hand)

This is humanoid robotic hand, I'll show you the assembly process.

Step 1: How to Install 5 Fingers of Robotic Hand

First ,we need to install 5 fingers for this humanoid robotic hand. Then we need to use M 1.4*3 Screws to fix 5 fingers to the blue brackets.

Required materials:

Finger joints*several

M 2*6 Copper pillars*several

M 2*3 Screws*several

M 1.4*3 Screws*several


Step 2: How to Install Brackets of Arm

Use screw to join 5 robotic hand and robotic arm

Step 3: How to Install 5 Finger Servos for Robotic Hand

Our robotic hand consists of 5 servos, we need to use screws to join servo and brackets together.

Required materials:

Two blue brackets


Spring pads*several

Copper pillars*several

Step 4: How to Assemble 5 Servos Into the Arm

We need to put 5 finger servos into the arm.

Step 5: How to Install Tendons for Robotic Hand

Step 6: How to Adjust the Position of Five Fingers

Step 7: Install the Back Bracket of Robotic Hand

Step 8: The Video of Controlling This MiniHand



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Cool robot hand. Did the pieces come from a kit or did you make them from a design?

Thank you for your attention. MiniHand comes from a kit, and it moves very smoothly just like human 's hand cause 5 servos control 5 fingers respectively.