Picture of How to Assemble a Cthulhu PCB.
The Cthulhu PCB is a microcontroller based board made to go inside an Arcade stick so the stick can be used on a PC or Playstation 3 via USB. This board is available as an already assembled piece, or in a kit form for cheaper.

This Instructable will guide you through the assembly of a Cthulhu kit.
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Step 1: Identify Parts

Picture of Identify Parts
DSC03148 (Small).JPG
DSC03275 (Small).JPG
Before you get started, verify you have all of the parts needed to assemble.

The first picture below shows all of the parts included in the bare Cthulhu kit:
-1x 20 MHz resonator (Orange, three pins, '20MHZ' written on it)
-1x .1uF capacitor (Blue or yellow, two pins, '104' might be written on it)
-1x .47uF aluminum capacitor (Black cylinder, two pins, '.47uF' written on it)
-1x 10uF aluminum capacitor (Black cylinder, two pins, '10uF' written on it)
-2x 10 pin 10Kohm resistor network. (Black or yellow, ten pins, text written on it)
-1x 28 pin IC socket
-1x printed circuit board
-1x 28 pin PIC microcontroller (not shown)

The second picture shows two optional items as well:
-1x USB 'B' jack
-2x 10 pin screw terminals with 5mm pitch.

Both of these items are optional, but the USB jack is highly recommended.

If you have ordered an 'MC' (multi-console) Cthulhu, you will also receive:
-2x small glass diodes
-2x larger black diodes
Both are pictured in the third picture below.
Chaz-imus6 years ago
Very nice Instructable! where might I find this kit for purchase?
Toodles (author)  Chaz-imus6 years ago
For now, I'm selling them directly. Details on ordering are available here:

Feel free to look through the thread in case there are you questions you may have; you can also see pictures from at least one customer. In time, I hope to have the boards available through lizardlick.com, but negotiations are still underway.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Can I still buy a DYI kit? The link above is dead.
do you send to the uk or know of a supplier of these in the uk?? if so who?? if you do send, what is the price for a un-assembled kit with usb??
Toodles (author)  Chaz-imus6 years ago
Kits and assembled boards are available for sale at LizardLick.com.
pdoughboy4 years ago
I have a 360 stick now that I'd like to use on other consoles. I found out this has Gamecube support but does it also have Wii support? I wanna use it on the Wii U, and from what I hear that will support Wii but not Gamecube acccessories...
rasputan5 years ago
would the 'MC' Cthulhu alow me to use a ps2 or ps3 controler on an xbox 360
joypad6 years ago
what is this thing for????
Toodles (author)  joypad6 years ago
The Cthulhu PCB is a microcontroller based board made to go inside an Arcade stick so the stick can be used on a PC or Playstation 3 via USB.
base2john6 years ago
Hi, great project! Is the PIC code available online, or for purchase? Would love to test it out. Thanks
Toodles (author)  base2john6 years ago
Code is not available. Ready to solder kits, and completely assembled boards are available from LizardLick.com.
Thank's for the interest, it's a fun board.
This is sweet! Do you think you could get 2 of these and connect them together via a usb and then you could send 20 wires through a usb instead of 4?