Step 5: Soldering Through-hole Components

On a one layer PCB insert the component and bend the leads slightly, just enough to keep it in place while you solder it in place (Fig 6). While keeping your soldering iron at a 45 degree angle to your work, let the tip of your iron contact both the lead of your component and PCB at the same time. Apply the solder from the opposite side from the tip. Heat the surfaces until solder flows freely to the tip side of the work (Video).  Be careful not to overheat the pad as this can damage the PCB by lifting the pad from the board.
<p>Very nice work....<br>Really like it..</p>
<p>Thank you sir! Glad you liked it!</p>
<p>OSH Park makes EXCELLENT and inexpensive boards, in fact here is a link to many open source &quot;projects&quot; that I have found and are sharing</p><p>https://oshpark.com/profiles/WarHawk-AVG</p>
After a while the soldering iron tip gets black (like covered in soot) and the nicely shaped needle point tip gets dull. I normally file the whole tip with a metal file (or use sandpaper) till a shiny copper surface is exposed. Is there anything wrong with that?
I don't see any immediate problem, except that you could decrease the life expectancy for either tool.
Congrtultions for listing the dental probe under &quot;tools&quot; It has been an extremely useful tool in my work. My friendly dentist gave me a few used ones. It seems that dentists discard/replace them after some time anyway. Note that the friendly dentist went one step further. Before giving the probes to me he put them in the sterilizer (risk of infection or worse if by accident I pinch myself). If you cannot get that sort of attention, dump the probes in a a little tray with Clorox, wait a few minutes and then rinse under the tap (stainless and Clorox are not good friends).
It works out nicely that you have a friendly dentist to provide you with some free dental probes. :-) <br> <br>Good tip for the dipping them in Clorox. <br> <br>Cheers,

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