How to Automatically Power Off Electronic Devices





Introduction: How to Automatically Power Off Electronic Devices

I am always forgetting to turn off my stereo amplifier. I can manage to pause iTunes to stop the music, and the music computer goes to sleep on it's own, but I just can't remember to switch off the amp.

So, I connected the amp to an extra outlet timer and set it to turn off the stereo at times I'm likely to either be away or be asleep. When the timer switches the outlet back on, my Harman/Kardon powers up into stand-by mode. So, when I forget to turn it off, the timer takes care of it for me, and when I want some music, it's ready and waiting in stand-by.

I know this saves only a very little bit of electricity (and if I had bought the timer new and counted its manufacturing costs, this probably consumes more than it saves), but I think it's important to get in the mindset of saving wherever you can, and to set things up so that consumption is reduced automatically.



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    erm, how is this an instructable?

    It contains instruction and will be helpful or informative to someone. So, by definition, it is an Instructable.

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    well duh i think we all know that plus as french crawler said " dont argue with the the boss"

    Since when did an instructable have to have more than one step? I would have never thought of it, so I'm glad this was posted.

    OOOOOOOOOOOH BURN ERIC! C'mon, you're not going to take that kind of crap are you?!


    Great motto ;-) (I haven't seen you around as much as I used to...)

    I'm still alive and watching, just haven't really had any energy left over to really do anything. I'm still in progress in converting our old trailer into a work space (I finally got around to cleaning the junk out of the bathroom)... nothing instructable worthy in there yet. Though on Wednesday I was bitten by a yellow jacket while working outside of it (I thought I had been stung, and I'm allergic), so I wasted Wednesday by laying on the couch waiting to see if my face blew up or not. The wasp was unable to sting me cause he was tangled in my hair, so he bit my scalp like crazy. Once all the parts come in for my next project, I'll post an instructable on it (still need to buy wire and 3-4 diodes, but everything else is in the mail). So that should be fun as long as I don't fry myself :P