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In this instructable I will show you how I cook my BBQ chicken breast on the outdoor grill. You can cook any part of the chicken this way legs, thighs wings, etc

I grew up in Missouri, born and raised, and this is how I was taught to BBQ. I have found a lot of other cities in this country call this St. Louis style BBQ, to me it's Missouri style.

I hope that you will find something you can use from this technique and/or provide some other suggestions.

Enjoy the instructable.

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Step 1: Safety

First step is to realize the hazards involving BBQ'n Chicken

Hand washing: After speaking with some culinary teachers I recently had a class with they recommended using soap and warm water (duhh), but the went on to recommend to wash you hands and sing happy Birthday to yourself. The reason behind this idea is because the time it takes to sing the song is about how long you should be cleaning your hands (30 seconds).

Next safety item

Chicken cooties (much worse than girl cooties). After touching raw chicken make sure you wash your hands. If you have never had salmonella let me tell you from first hand knowledge you don't want to. So wash your hands with soap, your work area with bleach water, as well as your tools; knives, forks, plates etc that come in contact to your raw chicken.

Sharp tools: If you cut yourself I will laugh at you, be careful of what you do with knives and such.

Hot stuff:
1. This would be the flaming fuel that you use to cook your chicken, also be careful of hot surfaces.
2. Boiling water will burn you so be careful with it.

Other stuff people often forget:
Don't have your grill to close to the house, you may burn the house down. I have seen this done.
Keep hydrated.
Is your work area cluttered? keep it clean.
Keep the kids away, they sometimes want to cook their hands and then cry about it.
Use protection, and I mean oven mitts not the other protection.
Finally let your grill cook all of the old crusty stuff you left on there from you last grilling session. Use a scraper and wire brush to remove the carbon leftovers.

<p>Looks delicious!</p>
The buttered-bread-corn--on-cob-butter-dispenser idea is awesome! I hate it when the butter just drips down onto the plate and I can't get it. I'm going to try this soon.
'Corn' Bread,&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; lol<br /> <br /> Nice Instructable.
I learned this when I was a kid. It works great and you get butter bread also.
Looks great, but you misspelled Missouri, but looks absolutely delicious.
Why not get a whole chicken, shove a half can of a good stout up its posterior, and let it slow roast with good beer on the grill for a couple hours while dousing it liberally with barbecue sauce (the chicken will stand up on the can if you set it up right). I'm from Missouri too, although now I'm living in the North. I miss Missourian peaches, crappie, and tomatoes.
lol, I forgot about that way. Trying the get the chicken to be still while sticking the can up its butt is really hard :-)
Wow, looks delicious!

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