Introduction: How to Baby Proof Water Cooler Spigot

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i noticed that there is pretty much nothing in the way of diy babyproofing a water dispenser. i know that EVERYONE with a baby and a water cooler ends up with water on the floor ENDLESSLY. why doesn't this exist? they sell special spigots for $15 where you press the handle in and then push down, but why both when it takes 5 minutes and a chunk of wood to serve the same purpose? here's what i did.

What you'll need:

inquisitive baby

water cooler with a push button spigot

some wood chunks (scrap'll do)

wood glue (maybe)

a drill

a 3/4inch drill bit


a rubber band

Step 1: Drill a Hole

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drill a hole in your wood chunks to fit the size of the button. i placed the wood chunk on top of the button and drew around it to gauge what drill bit i needed- turned out to be 3/4 inch.

because i didn't have a thick wood chunk, i used two and wood glued them together. if you've got something thicker, use that and skip the gluing.

Step 2: Put That Sucker on the Button

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so now you just put the holey chunk on the button. an adult needs to put their finger in the hole to get the water to flow. a baby just grabbing it can't make it do anything. i secured it simply with a rubber band.

this can definitely be improved, but it is functioning so far!


wold630 (author)2016-08-11

I love 'save your sanity' projects! I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to have water on the floor all the time!

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