Introduction: How to Backup Call Logs and Text Messages From Android to Gmail

Backup is always the best thought and action to perform. Smart phone is the one which we use daily and we receives lot of calls and messages daily. Having that data as a backup helps us in many ways.

In this video I have explained how to backup your call logs and text messages from your Android phone to Gmail. Having a backup to your Gmail has 2 advantages,

  • You can view all your calls and text messages in Gmail (Labels will be created for Call logs and text messages).
  • Even if your mobile is lost, you can restore them easily on your new Android mobile.

Do watch the video and let me know your comments!


connie46 (author)2016-10-28

there's no way to get to the video you are talking about? duh fix it please

TechMirages (author)connie462016-10-29

is above video not playing for you? I could play the video.

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