How to Bake Potatoes

Picture of How to Bake Potatoes
Look, I know we just met so this will be hard to hear.  But it's possible you don't know how to bake a potato.

I know that's hard to hear.

That's why I'm here.  To teach you the proper way.  It is easy, not quick, and results in a potato with a light, fluffy, butterable interior bursting from a crisp, salty skin.  The nutrients are in the skin, you know!
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Step 1: The Stuff.

Picture of The Stuff.

For realsies.  You can bake just about any potato, but for the romantic fluffy potatoes you will need russets.  Commonly known as Baking Potatoes.

Lots of people call for olive oil which is an okay thing.  But after the potatoes have baked you can't really taste it!  So what's the point?  I use plain old vegetable oil.

If you aren't using salt, your aren't seasoning your food correctly!  Properly salted food is an epiphany.  I am using kosher flakey salt, but table salt would work, too.  You'd need much less of it, though.  You're best off using a flaky, crunchy salt here.

To bake in.

A microwave.
Aluminum Foil.
A knife.

Step 2: Potato Prep

Picture of Potato Prep
Wash your potatoes under running water.  Scrub them really, really well with a soft nylon brush.  They will appreciate it.  Then, you MUST dry them thoroughly.  You can either let them air dry or you can pat them dry with a towel.  But they need to be dry before the next step.

You CAN poke them with a fork right now.  Note the position of the hand.  It's much easier.  You don't need to go crazy, but you can if you really want to.  The holes let steam escape, you know.  If you want to be picky, and I certainly am, poke on two opposing sides of the potato, poking approximately every inch and a half.  The holes should line up latitudinally, if you imagine the potato standing up right as tall as it can because it is trying to impress you.
Longchamp3 years ago
You forgot the foil.
You don't need the foil unless you're cooking it in a campfire.
Cabe3 years ago
I'm a fan of eating all the potato goodness and then filling the skin with coleslaw......and then continuing to consume.
matthewabel (author)  Cabe3 years ago
Um... mind=blown. The only thing stopping me is a lack of coleslaw. But that can be remedied.
There's just gotta be an 'ible for 'slaw, there's just gotta!

The only thing stopping me is a lack of potatoes. Unfortunaly the instructable for crafting spuds has a long lead time :)
matthewabel (author)  Cabe3 years ago
My recipe for slaw involves a jarred dressing and pre-shredded broccoli. Shameful, I know. But it's so good!
I have never ever put salt on the skin. Why have I not done that?!
matthewabel (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
I don't know. Crushed rosemary would be a treat as well.