How to Bake a Fresh Pumpkin (for pie, etc)

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Step 2: Baking and Waiting

Picture of Baking and Waiting
Next you'll actually bake the pumpkin halves.

Line a large pan with the tin-foil. This is kinda optional, but it saves a lot of time in clean up since the juices will run out and burn during baking. Because of the juices, you'll want to use a pan that has edges to it, not just a flat cookie sheet.

Lay your pumpkin halves face down on the pan.

Set the oven to around 350 degrees, or around 180 Celsius.

Stick the pan in the oven, and then wait for about an hour and a half to 2 hours. The actual time will vary depending on how thick your pumpkins are and how hot your oven actually gets.

You can check the pumpkins every so often to see if they are tender by sticking a fork in them.
Once they're nice and soft that means they're done.
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tqwerty4 years ago
When I do this I cover the pumpkins with tinfoil as well as line the pan. That way, you don't get the uneven burnt skin which can result in burnt insides and burney taste. It tastes much better that way and more of the juices stay in seeing as it roasts and steams at the same time