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Introduction: How to Bantu Knot

Try this easy, eccentric African hairstyle!

Step 1: What and How

You can do your Bantu knots dry or wet. You will need a comb, a moisturizer, rubber bands, and a spray bottle is optional.

Step 2: You Are Going to Part a Section of Your Hair Off and Put the Rest in a Ponytail.


Step 3: After You Part Your Hair You Are Going to Put the Parted Hair Into a Pony Tail.

Step 4: Once You Put the Hair in a Ponytail You Are Going to Separate the Hair and Twist It. I Do It This Way So It Will Add Extra Curls to My Hair Once You Take It Down.

Step 5: After You Have Platted Your Hair You Are Going to Twist the Hair Around and Then Secure It by Putting a Rubber Band Around the Knot to Hold Them in Place.

Step 6: You Repeat This Step Until Your Hair Is Finished. It Takes Me an Hour and Half to Bantu Knot My Hair. I Keep the Bantu Knots Up for About a Week. I Normally Wear My Bantu Knots As a Style.



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