The tricks in this instructable are the most basic for new and up and coming bmx riders.

Step 1: What You Should Have

Well, first of all your gonna need a bmx bike (not a mountain bike).
A man made water way or wash and a street.
For me and my friends, protection (helmets padding) optional.
<p>alised you should try leaning forward and pulling back if it doesn't work try doing it harder</p>
<p>how do you lift the back of the bike for a bunny hop</p>
i just got a Bmx bike and im taking little steps at a time standing up but i dont know how to lift the front wheeler for beginners i need some ideas first time on a Bmx
When you wanna do a bunnyhop you have to lift the front and at the same time stretch yourself back then quickly lift the back part of the bike
<p>thanks this is very helpful!</p>
your not suppose to jayhop you nees to learn to bunny hop. This way you will hop higher.And @theevilfrog just stfu he is a little kid and if you want to talk bikes than your bike is a POS. I have a stolen cherry frame, shadow vultus bars, animal jump off remix stem, fit blade 2 forks, animal headset, fit indent cranks and bearings, animal javelin front hub laced to a primo vs rim, and odyssey antigram back hub laced to a 7ka rim. My bike is about 19-20 lb
I hope your joking... J-hops get you much higher than bunny hops also stolen is a really bad make and the weight of a bike really doesn't matter. Some people have 40Ib bikes and pull of flails and stuff
do you have a SE wildman? y have that bike.
i have a dk ordinate with kamakazi forks, dm24 double wall back rim 9t, and a giant sprocket 28t.
my bike is way better it is a WTP envy with S&amp;M forks, colony rims, snafu cranks and a eastern 23t sprocket :P
never heard it being called a &quot;jay- hop&quot;
must you Jay-hop while riding? or when the bike isnt going foward??
Nice! I'll share this with my kid. Videos would be <em>very</em> helpful, though.<br>

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