Picture of How to Bathe Guinea Pigs
This is just a simple guide to washing you guinea pig. But excessive bathing is far more worse then it is good. Try to only bathe them rarely, since they have natural oils in their fur. The cleaner you keep the cage, the less you will have to bathe them.
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Step 1: Get Everything Ready

Picture of Get Everything Ready
For giving a Guinea a bath, you cannot use human shampoos. Your going to need some Guinea Pig shampoo, which you can ask your exotic veterinarian for recommendations. You will need a large towel and a smaller one. And a small cup for pouring water. Then choose where you will give your piggy a bath, in a sink or bathtub. A bathtub is probably a better choice, so they can't climb out. Fill up the bathtub with one and a half inches of warm water.

Step 2: Introduction

Picture of Introduction
Now, take your Guinea pig to the bathing area. Take it and put the piggy in the water. Give it a minute to adjust to the new, wet environment.

Step 3: Lather and Rinse

Picture of Lather and Rinse
Now take your cup and pour over your guinea pig gently and close to the body. Do not go over the neck just yet. Now at this part listen to what the bottle says, probably to just lather into your guinea pig. After your done with that, take the cup and wash all the soap out of the coat. When wash your pig, give treats to calm your piggy's nerves. Make sure to keep shampoo and water away from the pigs face.

Step 4: Dry and Clean

Picture of Dry and Clean
Take your guinea pig and dry it thoroughly. After that take a damp cloth and clean their face. After that comb them and put your piggy back in it's cage. But  make sure the cage is clean, because then the bath would be useless. 

I would like to know uhh how old does a guinea pig have to be to be bathed by a human? im asking because i have a little guinea pig she is still very little i think that the oldest she possibly can be is 1 or 2 moths and it's winter here now so i would just like to know :) :) :)

vivaladawn2 years ago
I love the picture of him sitting in the water :D so cute. great instructable.

you got that right he/she is SUPER CUTEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

i want to teach my pup guinea pig tricks :D she is very clever :D il take videos too :D

I love it too..... LOL TWINSIES

X3pandaNinX34 months ago
You should not bathe guinea pigs! They can easily get pneumonia and die. If you need to clean them, use a brush and spray bottle to LIGHTLY DAMPEN their fur and even then, not all of it. Countless of pet parents have killed their piggies because of them bathing their furry buddies.
ojeda8th7 months ago

Awww! Your pictures are so adorable <3

acuchetto2 years ago