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    Alot of things should not have been done in this instructable. I apologize and am changing it to something else.

    hey man thanks for all the stuff you told me, i credited you and spystealth. thanks alot. Any chance i can get a vote from ya? thanks again!

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    No problem, votes in.

    But don't step at the exact same pace because it takes time for the sound to travel to them, you should step just before them. The further you are from them the earlier you need to step. When you get close only then match your pace.

    Would be better if you used your own pictures. Are you sure you are allowed to used these copyrighted pictures here without properly crediting the picture owners?

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    Im going to add my pictures later. the only reason was because it was raining where i live, and i wanted to get make sure my instructable got in.

    if i do put in my pictures, will you vote for me?

    i were black leather anything that looks evil that's just my style
    BTW i'm 12 and evil