Picture of How to Be a Guitar Hero/Rock Bander
Having trouble impressing the other persuasion with some furious fretwork? Not no more! NOTE: This applies to guitar only. If I get enough good feedback I'll make one for singing and drums on RB.

Step 1: Getting to Know Your Guitar

Picture of Getting to Know Your Guitar
It sounds dumb, but you have to be able to know the guitar with your eyes closed. If you use the Rock Band Stratocaster, there are little braille bumpies that identify the green, yellow, and orange buttons. On the Guitar Hero SG and Les Paul, There is a line on the yellow button. So just make sure you can make your way over to these without thinking about it too much.
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danroy993 years ago
Crap I have the crawl and I used to have the tetris effect xD
and P.S playing the drums on rock band will probably actuall y make you a better drummer and so will singing help you train your voice
playing the drums on rockband will NOT make you a better drummer!
Brother_D (author)  mg0930mg7 years ago
Well actually, the drums are kind of laid out like a real drum set. The red pad is the snare, the yellow is hihat/tom, blue is ride/tom, and the green is the crash/floor tom. I personally have found that I can play somewhat recognizable drum patterns on a real set from playing Rock Band.
No, this does not work, 'real' drummers know that this is nothing like drums, all pads are equal height. Playing rockband, has screwed up my drum playing, so I don't think this can help you at all. Sorry, go ask Travis barker, or any other drummer who has played rockband. Search the video on google.
Brother_D (author)  mg0930mg7 years ago
I see what you mean. I didn't say it was exactly like real drums, its just laid out in a similar fashion.
Well, I guess, it is. It still wouldn't help, though. However, I get what you're saying.
I think what he's trying to say is it CAN help people LEARN how to play drums, or they learn the basics and go from there.
That's why I said I get what you're saying. haha.
I'm sorry I didn't check the post date. >_>
"Real" drummers designed the RB drum kit. And you can plug it into a computer and play on it like a real drum kit (although without velocity sensitivity, the hits can sound blandly uniform...)
kagenin kagenin6 years ago
And you shouldn't blame the kit because you don't know how to adapt your technique.
Ok, you have 9 posts. 3 of which brought up a year old argument. You need to become a part of this community before you insult me... Number two, It is like an electronic drum pad I get this, but it is not like a real drum set. Just because you can play this song on Rockband, does not mean you can play that song on a real set.
You have heard of an "electronic drum kit," right? The RB drum kit would not look out of place on stage (back in the80's, but some countries are a good 30 years behind the US when it comes to that kind of stuff anyway :P)
Brother_D (author)  kagenin6 years ago
Interesting point.
It can.
Just give it up, this is a year later, we could care less.
Kindhamster4 years ago
nope. no crawl.
but that may be because i have rock band, not guitar hero
2 days without food will screw you up, TRUST ME.
you get it either way xD
tip for telling if you get the crawl effect, Stare at the yellow note (on the bottom of the fretboard) for a while, you should start to feel weird, or that could be my hunger kicking in >_>
mattx127926 years ago
I beat GGAHT on expert. its true that tapping is a LOT easier. you just need to be calm and not flip out. best way is to just imagine you are playing on hard and try not to get frustrated. if you can't make it to the part that goes "GRYRGRYRGRYRGRYRGRYR" etc. then you should slow the song down on practice. it really helps even though you may not think so. BTW, this is a great guide. good work. p.s. I got 79% through TTFAF on expert b4 failing :(
gratz :) I couldn't even get to 5% >_> I'm NOT used to Guitar Hero
RB 1,2,3 FTW
Ha!!! I got 80%!!!
P.S. I swear on my life
NapalmRiot7 years ago
Indeed. I hate it when people just wail on it like there's no tomorrow for the points. There's very few songs where whammy is perfect for all long notes. Freezepop songs come to mind.
i wail on the whammy bar on sustained notes while in overdrive because it slows down how much energy you use. it works on all sustained notes, not just energy ones
IT DOES??? O.O How did I not notice this. Q_Q
darkmagicpi7 years ago
my and my friend did Green Grass and High Tides on drums and he has a friend who can do it on both drums and guitar
can he do them at the same time?
It's for comments like these that instructables needs a "Like" button
Brother_D (author)  darkmagicpi7 years ago
thats cool. I got really close today.
oh and it was on expert
I only have 4 songs left on guitar hero 3 including bonus!
mkkrushmt6 years ago
dude, when i first started playing GH i got the tetris effect, it was weird, i also got it from a lot of DDR
tinman26096 years ago
hey i beat green grass and high tides a few months ago when i just started on expert. now im playin guitar hero metallica and gettin almost 100% on every song. do you have a ps3
I passed GGAHT on Expert with a world tour guitar. I'm only 13
its matchbook romance not matchbox romance
Brother_D (author)  junior6406616 years ago
Right. Changing that now. Thanks for the input.
Bran7 years ago
I've always heard that Through the Fire and Flames is the hardest. How bad is Green Grass?
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