Picture of How to Become a Famous Rapper
This document will serve as a guide to aid one in their attempt to become a famous rapper. Steps will be provided for one to hone their rapping skills as well as creating a marketable image for themselves. This guide is geared toward those who are willing to make big changes to their life in order to achieve rapping success. This is not a guide for those who want to start rapping as a hobby, just so they have something to pre-occupy themselves in the weekends. 

Before you claim that you are ready to make the proper sacrifices there a few things that you must be warned about:

1. Rapping is very competitive, you will most likely be brutally insulted by those who you are competing against, as well as the masses if you show any sign of vulnerability or lack of effort within your music.

2. Being involved in the rap game is a full time job, it must be your main priority. If you have other large goals, such as a college degree in mind, your chances of success will be greatly reduced.

3. If by the infinitely small chance you actually end up being a famous rapper, you will be required to constantly improve your rapping skill or you will soon be forgotten and lose everything that you worked for.

4. Finally, you must be aware that being famous will provide you with constant opportunities to cause yourself harm, wether it be though drugs, alcohol, or numerous other vices. If you do not feel that you are strong enough to constantly resist temptation you should find a new goal.

Continue onto the first step of the guide if you feel as though you can mentally handle this life of excess, where your every move will be watched, you will be intensely busy between creating new music, touring the world, and you will most likely lose contact with most of the friends/family that you now have.
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My boyfriend is really good at rapping but he doesn't know where to start. Please help!!!!

What's up this Saturday we doing a video shoot to my new track called maintaining than nov 23 joe budden having a show at Stanhope house in Stanhope nj we're we will be opening up for him tickets are 15 $ 20 at the door it will be dope let me know this is my new video as well
I'm great
EmanS21 month ago
I can rap and and i just anyone of u to guide me where i can apply for and can be a famous rapper?? Please guys.!!!! Please
Send me some lyrics
Tgbeats25 days ago

if you want to be a rapper you need good beats check out

Young-d47 months ago

hello its been my dream to rap since I was 12 nd im 14 now so I just want yall to support me nd like all of my raps for me on my name on there is young-d4 please nd thank you

hey yo um iv'e herd your raps and i'm impressed your style and voice are very good i was wondering if youd wanna team up and make a song or two?

kwarner74 months ago
I just rapped for like 2 minutes and earned like 7℅ on my investment. YOLO
emedina125 months ago

rapping is a hobby that will replenish you into stardom if you attempt structure a rap in your skills

Hey it has my dream sence i met my homies me and him will rap 4 my whole life till i die

i wanna be a raper so bad im 16 and hate people talking bout me cuz i love to sing and listen to lil Wayne and its getting old if someone can help me please do it. im not jokeing bout it i love to rap.
Make a good chorus do a verse and I'll hop on it and den well sell
polokid1231 year ago
i would love to be a rapper i been rapping sense i was 4 years old and my skillz have juh got better and better and i can prove
Frank4441 year ago
Good info but you can also visit it will tell you everything. Must see site
Reffner2 years ago
"IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO MAKE MUSIC that people will pay to hear then you will be guaranteed fail." - I thought that's why people became rappers in the first place.
randofo2 years ago
Have you done this?
ilpug2 years ago
I'm detecting a sense of funny sarcasm.