How to Bind RC Aircraft With a 2 Channel Transmitter


Introduction: How to Bind RC Aircraft With a 2 Channel Transmitter

When flying RC aircraft you need a remote control. But how do you connect your Aircraft to the transmitter. In this instructable I will show how to bind air craft with a 2 channel transmitter. For the beginners, the 2-stick 2 channel transmitters are universally designed for left stick elevator or power control and right stick rudder or ailerons.

Step 1: Get Started

It is really simple to bind RC aircraft.

1. Connect the transmitter (It is usually white and is shown above) Do NOT shove the pieces together! They should fit together easily. When it is connected a light of some sort should turn on.

2. Power on the Transmitter

3. Have fun flying!


Step 2: Wrapping Up

1. First power of the transmitter. This is important because if someone turns on the throttle by accident while you are fiddling with your aircraft you could get hurt.

2. Disconnect the Transmitter

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