How to Bind a Book, (fake/hybrid perfect bind)

Picture of How to Bind a Book, (fake/hybrid perfect bind)

I was recently in the position that I needed to bind a book. There are many good Instructables on how to make a book. Unfortunately, none quite met my needs (namely to bind single 8.5"x11" printouts/pages). So I developed this method which seems to work well. This technique seems to work best with at least 50 pages (about 1/4" thickness) I'm guessing the maximum is around 500 pages.
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Ok! here's what you will need:

1. Something worth making into a book (I would recommend a stack of papers)
2. RTV or PVA glue (something that will bind to paper and not shrink)
3. Sewing thread
4. Rubber cement
5. Duct tape
6. Two sheets of paper twice as wide as your stack of papers
7. 2-3 pieces of non-corrugated cardboard the same size as your stack of papers
8. contact paper/ laminating sheets (self adhesive is easiest)

Dremel with a cut-off wheel
4-5 black binder clips big enough to hold your stack of paper (for thicker stacks, try C-clamps with some wood to protect the paper)
X-acto/ razor/ box knife

Step 2: Align and Clamp Your Papers

Picture of Align and Clamp Your Papers
Presuming you have your papers all printed, organized, etc, add one blank sheet of paper to the top and bottom of the stack then carefully nudge and tap the papers into perfect alignment.  Use one binder clip on each edge to hold the pages in alignment. Place the top and bottom clips near the edge that will become the spine rather than in the middle of the top and bottom edge.

Step 3: Cut Some Grooves

Picture of Cut Some Grooves
Using a  dremel with the cut off wheel, cut a number of grooves across the spine of the pages, spaced about 1/2 to 1 inch apart. Cut about 1/8" deep. Try to cut them all the same depth and spaced evenly down the length of the spine. If they are cut too shallow, you will have trouble with the step 5.
Pfarmkid3 years ago
if you wanted you could use cloth
georgeATM (author)  Pfarmkid3 years ago
I believe so. I wanted a degree of water resistance so I went with plastic.
oh, that makes since
Love it! Voted for it!
georgeATM (author)  joespicnictables3 years ago
Thanks! May your tools never break, your blades never dull, and your electronics never explode.
Aegian24243 years ago
how easily do the pages fall out?
georgeATM (author)  Aegian24243 years ago
Out of the three books I have made this way, i have one with two pages partially unbound. The book is the one that was my first attempt and I think it is primarily due to trying to hard to get it to lay flat. Take your time to work the glue and don't abuse it and its fine.