Picture of How to Boneless
In this Instructable, I teach you how to Boneless.
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Step 1: Step One: Speed

Picture of Step One: Speed

You can choose any speed you want, but since you're learning, you might want to go slow. First step is to start rolling.

Step 2: Step Two: Grab

Picture of Step Two: Grab
Grab the board with your right hand (if you ride regular) or your left hand (if you ride goofy). When you grab the board, start to slide your front foot off.

Step 3: Step Three: Pick Up

Picture of Step Three: Pick Up
Plant your front foot on the ground and push your back foot down while picking up the nose with your hand.

Step 4: Step Four: Push Up

Picture of Step Four: Push Up
Extend your planted foot which will then push you off the ground. As you extend, carry the board up.

Step 5: Step Five: Jump!

Picture of Step Five: Jump!
Jump off the ground and carry your board up. The higher you bring your board up, the higher you should go.

Step 6: Step 6: Replace Foot

Picture of Step 6: Replace Foot
Bring pushing foot back onto the board.

Step 7: Step 7: Extend Legs

Picture of Step 7: Extend Legs
Extend your legs and start to let go of the board.

Step 8: Step 8: Landing

Picture of Step 8: Landing
Continue to extend legs and prepare t land.

Step 9: Step 9: Land

Picture of Step 9: Land
Land on ground and start to stand back up.

Step 10: Step 10: FINISHED!

Picture of Step 10: FINISHED!
Once you've stood all the way up, ride away. REMEMBER: This will take PRACTICE! Some will learn quicker than others so do not get discourages!!!
And make sure not to hit the vehicle!
Important side-note here: When grabbing the board, be sure to keep your thumb parallel to the board, i.e. don't try to grab it between your thumb and fingers, but rather, your fingers and palm. The first time I tried a boneless, I accidentally popped the board right into my thumb and sprained the hell out of it. Not fun.
hyruler_3 years ago
you should add a vido to this.
xboogerx4 years ago
sorry kid, a boneless is not an old school ollie. they are two different tricks.
well the boneless was created before the ollie, so before the ollie was invented, people used the boneless to get air. so yea, it is an old school ollie.
newb sk8er824 years ago
old school ollie is different than a boneless, and ya boneless was around before the ollie but even back then people were doing old school ollies.
NuttinNate (author)  xboogerx4 years ago
Ok. I read online or saw a video and they said it was an old school ollie.