Introduction: How to Booby Trap a Stick of Deodorant!

For this pranks you will need:

1 deodorant stick (its best if it belongs to someone)
1 packet of Kool aid
Step 1
Open the deodorant stick

Step 2
Open the Kool aid packet

Step 3
Sprinkle and spreak kool aid over the top of the deodorant
Step 4
place the top on the deodorant and the prank is set.
Watch the instructional video to get an idea of how this prank really works!


mikeasaurus (author)2010-12-01

sinister, and delicious!


LUCCHINA (author)2010-12-02

Very Funny Prank!!!

hg341 (author)2010-12-01

omg... i cant stop loling!!very funny 5 stars!!!

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