How to Boost Your Android Device Sound



Introduction: How to Boost Your Android Device Sound


dap_r6.5 install zip:

dap_r6.5 uninstall zip:


dap_r6.5 install zip:

dap_r6.5 uninstall zip:

Step 1: Make Sure You Rooted Your Device and Installed Custom Recovery

If you haven't rooted your device and installed custom recovery on it you should do this now, NOTICE: ROOTING YOUR DEVICE WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY , if you're not comfortable with rooting your device then this is not for you.

If you have HP 7 plus 1301 go to this Instructable: to root your tablet and install TWRP on it , if you have another device just google "how to root and install custom recovery on 'your device' ".

Step 2: Flashing the MOD

1.make sure you have the files either on your internal or external storage.

2.reboot into recovery mode using your preferred method, browse to where the files are.

3.choose "" confirm installation.

4.choose "reboot system".

5.if you experience a bootloop just reboot into recovery again using hardware buttons and flash "" this will remove the mod cause it's not compatible with your device or your current ROM.



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