This instructable will teach you how to braid your own hair.

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Step 1: Divide Hair Into 3 Equal Sections

Divide your hair into three equal sections. Hold a section in each hand off to each side, and let one section hang in the middle. You should be able to tell by touch whether the sections are relatively equal sized.
What is missing is a hint about step 9. The longer your hair, the more difficult it is to get your hands contorted down your back, so as to keep the braid straight down your back. If you lift the hair over your shoulder to work on it, the braid takes on a skew. I was hoping for some hints about that.
<p>I think we all just need to work on our proprioception ;3</p>
My braid always ends up backwards, using similar motions to braiding someone else's hair.&nbsp; It's easier for me to put the sections outward instead of toward my neck.&nbsp; But it also looks a little different that way, so I go with it.
Nice. How do you wear your hair Does your hair hang low Do you tie it in a ribbon Do you tie it in a bow Do you wear it over your shoulder Like a Continental soldier.... L
well, I can think of a lot of variations of that song . . . :L
I know more than one... L
You may want to contact noah if he hasn't already contacted you.This is because jeffery is unactive but any ways pretty nice instructable but i dont think i will use it.

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