Introduction: How to Break Bedrock in Vanilla Minecraft

Bedrock, it's that unbreakable stuff right? Not anymore! With this super easy way to break bedrock you can set cool traps for your friends, make awesome glass bridges over the void or even see a beautiful Nether view. Let's Go!

To start you'll need:

At least 8 Dark oak Saplings

4 blocks of Dirt

Lots of bones or Bonemeal

A pickaxe

At least 5 ender pearls

an axe is nice too.

Step 1: Go to the Nether

Picture of Go to the Nether

This can be done in the overworld but its more fun in the Nether. If you want to do it in the overworld you can skip to step 4.

Step 2: Get to the Top Bedrock Layer

Picture of Get to the Top Bedrock Layer

Mine your way up. I already had this made with some nice stairs and stuff.

Step 3: Get on Top

Picture of Get on Top

Find the highest gap in the bedrock and rapid-fire your ender pearls straight up at it until you are through. it will take at least 3, bring 5 to be safe. After that you should be on top. Cool view huh?

Step 4: Grow a Tree

Picture of Grow a Tree

Place your dirt in a square above where you ender-pearled. Place down your dark oak saplings on top just like normal. Since dark oak trees don't grow by themselves, grab some bonemeal and make them grow.

Step 5: Puncture the Surface

Picture of Puncture the Surface

Once you have your first dark oak tree, knock out the bottom four blocks and place down four more saplings. Bonemeal the saplings and a tree will spawn lower than the other one. Just dig around for branches that go through. If you don't find any, try again, its kinda random.

Step 6: And Your Done!

Picture of And Your Done!

Congrats! You have successfully broken through the bedrock layer. You can do this over and over again if you want to have a big hole. I left the tree and the hole there and put some ladders I made out of the second tree in so I could climb up and down, but you can do it however you want.

Thanks for reading this. If you liked it please leave a like and vote for it! Bye!


渣渣 (author)2015-02-22

哈 以后无聊可以打基岩玩啦!

Ammo the epic (author)2015-01-12

Hmm.... Glitches are definitely helpful sometimes. Cool trick!

IkeD (author)Ammo the epic2015-01-12

That they are, thanks Ammo!

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