Step 5: Do It To It

You know how to kick, you know where to aim, but the next thing is to know your limitations. If a door doesn't break within a couple of attempts, it probably isn't going to. In fact, if done right, a door should break on the first kick (unless it is a particularly strong one). If you can't break it open, don't keep trying. You're just going to hurt yourself badly, and then you'll be in an even worse spot. Be smart and be logical.
whos the girl ???
i have broken down 2 doors in my life... one was fun one was scary
Make like the Kool-Aid man! OH YEAH!!!!
&nbsp;Hottie alert.<br />
But if you lock yourself out of your house and smash your door open wouldnt it be more then calling the locksmith? Also Kicking a door in a Fire is pretty dangerous if the rooms covered in smoke when you kick it all of the fire reaches out to get the air and it gets pretty bad<br />
in situation set out above consider going in via the wall before the door. drywall is pretty easy to brake and ~14&quot; between studs is plenty to enter via. then dry wall is cheep and be replaced by any amateur builder.<br />
&nbsp;<br /> Heh, remember that totally awesome scene in Dexter where he crashes trough the burning wall to escape the fire? It almost makes me want to be in a burning building. <br />
Two things to consider. One, kicking a hollow door anywhere but the very edge is going to trap you foot in the 1/8 inch plywood that makes up the door. Two, it smoke is coming in from under the door, you are dead if you open that door.
nah, make that substandard, rotting, 1/16inch plywood...<br />
paper thin door...even easier
&nbsp;You can't escape by kicking a door down during a fire. You will die from smoke inhalation through skin or breathing first. &nbsp;yay!
lol yay!<br /> hehe, that made my day...<br />
why not escape tru the window. And i dont think u got time to pick a lock while being in a flamin house.
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