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There comes a time in every person's life when they need to breed, this is a fact. What you're not told in the last year of primary school is that there comes a time in every rock's life when they need to breed. That's right, rocks breed, and by carefully controlling the breedstock, you can get different kinds of rock, isn't that great?!
In this Instructable, i'm going to show you how to breed rocks.

Step 1: The Stock

Picture of The Stock
Any breeder will tell you that the stock is the most important part of breeding things. Any programmer will tell you GIGO, ergo if you want to get good baby rocks, you need to have good parent rocks.
I'm using a middle-aged basalt, and a gaudy ore. Peacock ore, to be exact.
You'll need a warm, dry place to put your rocks, and some way of ensureing that they're not disturbed when they're...doing whatever it is rocks do.
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waggy1011 year ago
:). LOL
how long did it take for your rocks to breed
aspindler22 years ago
Meth, clearly the only rock this author has experience with :p
tareko2 years ago
Nice instructable. Thanks for sharing.
Can’t say I endorse this instructable. Rocks have rights and more important, they have feelings. You just don’t put rocks together and expect them to breed.
In the expression “Nature take it’s course”, the key word is “Nature”, therefore, the vast outdoors.
Just Google the expression “pedras parideiras” and find out how some rocks breed in the natural environment.
josefu04 years ago
how can u tell the difference between a rock male and rock female.
Dr. Who josefu03 years ago
they dont have male/female. there all the same gender. there gender is stone.
Marinus847 years ago
This instructable is a hoax, it doesn't work, even after 2 weeks :( Or am i doing it wrong?
Vendigroth (author)  Marinus847 years ago
Your rocks obviously aren't in the mood.
i tried some other ones too, and different rooms and bixes, it doesn't work, it's a load of crap
Vendigroth (author)  Marinus847 years ago
You're obviously doing it wrong, cos i did it, and made an instructable on it. It's on the internet, it's got to be true.
i get the feeling you're pulling my leg here :(
Vendigroth (author)  Marinus847 years ago
It's totally real! honest!
lies. It's simple life science. rocks aren't living things
then why are there pet rocks?!
to make rocks feel good about them selves
That's not a leg.
megjp Marinus845 years ago
mabey ur using 2 boys or 2 girls
They're clearly past the stage where their relationship is new and exciting. They need something to get the excitement back. I recommend a candlelit dinner in the park, followed by some wine. That should get them in the mood.
meh, fail, infertile rocks obviously, maybe two guy rocks? maybe you should get a bucket full of them!
After i locked my rocks in a box, they suffocated. I will take you to court and sue unless you give me 100 rock babies. Thanks in advance
sir-zeke4 years ago
My rocks don't seem to be breeding correctly, I leave them there and they don't... interact... any suggestions?
Justdoofus6 years ago
Marinus, It's fake, I'm thirteen. It's impossible to "Breed" a rock... Just don't believe every thing you see on the internet, and the other people here saying it worked, are just playing along.
Vendigroth (author)  Justdoofus6 years ago
Of course it's not fake you silly person.
It is.
its not
mg0930mg Derin6 years ago
How do you get more rocks then?
from secret rock farms
secret rock farms that breed them there?
Yes, secret rock farms that breed them.

The birth rate is very low as it is all done *under pressure and often at ~gunpoint, which of course upsets the rocks and thus spoils the fertility of the feedstock and %when new rocks are born they are often deformed and die shortly after.

  • That part IS true.
~ That part ain't true.
% Ever seen the Fly?!
i'm with doofus!!
no its real. I tried it, just make sure the rocks like each other. And give them time, and you don't want to walk in on them.
How do you get more rocks then?
TheGreatS4 years ago
Smelting is a more forced breading but is much more reliable for pure ore.
Screamo4 years ago
Stupid O.o.
ajkninja5 years ago
 I saw your rock breeding technique and it worked i sold my babies for $50 each!!!!
142687 ajkninja5 years ago
why sell rocks for 50 bucks?!!!!!!!!!!! how about 100 bucks!
id easily buy for 150 if theyre good purebreds
I have had some rocks in a box for a few years now and... nothing
ben3605 years ago
I asked my dad about this instructable. I didn't think it was true. But my dad, being old enough to remember when every kid had a pet rock, confirmed this interesting truth of life. One of his friends bred rocks with his family and sold them to the other kids. My dad, when he was 11, found a feral sandstone and took it in. It never reproduced, though, because he had it neutered (spayed?) at a local minerinarian's. Another thing he remembers is the beautiful amethyst that a snotty kid's family owned which was the envy of all rock breeders. It could sometimes be seen strutting around town, showing off its shine, but it was easily scared off by the tougher metallic rock that the aforementioned breeder's family owned. I asked him for tips, but he said he always tried to peek in on the rocks when they were getting it on, which angered them so they weren't "in the mood" anymore.

Here's a picture of one of his friend's rocks.

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