Step 14: Adding yeast

Picture of Adding yeast
Once the wort has cooled to about room temperature you can add the yeast. It can get a better start if you cool a pint of the wort in a seperate glass and then add the yeast to the pint of wort. Once it's given a start in there you can add it to the room temperature wort. In this case we waited overnight before the pint of yeast mix was added to the fermenting bin. This is also known as pitching the yeast.
Jalakahops7 years ago
I've found that in a 70 degree house 5 gallons will cool at a rate of about 2 degrees per hour. In case you are just too eager to wait overnight.
bluenevus7 years ago
I've read that it's good to accelerate the chilling of the wort, but I don't know why. Have you tried doing this? Do you have any untoward effects from letting the wort cool overnight?