Step 16: Skim the top of the yeast off

Picture of Skim the top of the yeast off
You have to take the dark head of yeast off, or it sinks back into the beer and makes it taste too bitter. It then carries on fermenting with a lighter coloured head. This was done after about 12 hours of fermenting.
esqueeze5 years ago
I did this on my latest batch and after I did this the fermentation slowed. I am assuming this took the viable TOP fermenting yeast with it. I added some more cheaper yeast that I had on hand and fermentation started again, phew. I am not very happy because I invested in good yeast to improve the flavours and now my beer is brewing with el cheapo concentrate cap yeast.

Do this and I'm sure you will remove some of the yeast which result in a higher FG and lower alcohol content.

I will not be trying this again for the following reasons:

1) I don't think my previous attempts where I haven't done this have been excessively "bitter".
2) I like really strong, hoppy and bitter beer, Indian Pale Ales in particular. Get hold of some Little Creatures Pale Ale for the ultimate Hopgasm.
3) I'm not trying to make a commercial style brew. I like my beer to have it's own gamey (Belgian) character.
4) I have found that with really bitter beers a bit of lagering makes the beer more mellow. Leave it for longer.
5) Refrigeration also hides bitterness and living in Western Australia I drink cold beer anyway.

I think that this guy drinks his beer warm and weak.
is this step because of the type of yeast you are using? i have never heard of this step and have not noticed a problem with it before...just curious.