Step 2: Ingredients

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These are all available online or at your local brew shop. This is a "London Pride" recipe from Dave Line book "Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy" by Dave Line. This will make 5 gallons or 25 litres.

1) Crushed Pale Malt (I used Maris Otter) 7lb or 3.5kg
2) Crushed Crystal Malt 8oz or 350g
3) Water 3 gallons or 15 litres
4) Irish Moss 1tsp or 5ml
5) Demerara sugar 10oz or 310g
6) Fuggles Hops 1oz or 30g
7) Goldings Hops 2 and three quarter oz or 85g
8) Brewers Yeast 2oz or 60g (I used a dried packet mix of 11.5g)
9) Gelatine, Half oz or 15g
nimann6 years ago
i live in colorado, but i dont think there is a a brew shop in the whole state! where can i get it otherwise?
I live in colorado and I know theres one in colorado springs,Its down off Pikes Peak across from holy rollers tattoo shop. Ill find out the name and post it for you.
patitou nimann5 years ago
Etano nimann6 years ago
Depending on where in Colorado you live, I do know that there is a fairly good winemaking and brewing shop in Fort Collins called Hops and Berries. Their website is www.hopsandberries.com, and it looks like they just opened up a web shop.
moaner70 (author)  nimann6 years ago
Here is my local shop, they deliver worldwide.
moaner70 (author) 6 years ago
Or for US suppliers try this list

SOMEONE7338 years ago
thank you very much for your kidness and comcern i'm greatful to you but i'm just thinking in making it in home just for my use only but any way thank you alot for your concern but it seems to be bad idea by the way if you mean this malt we have it here the malt that grown in soil yes we have it if you mean it but what ididn't know the malt extract
moaner70 (author) 8 years ago
If you can't import it into Saudi Arabia I guess you could try and grow it! See here
Although if I was you living in Saudi Arabia then I would not be making beer. The British Embassy advises the following..
"Sentences for alcohol offences
range from a few weeks or months imprisonment for consumption to
several years for smuggling, manufacturing or distributing alcohol.
Lashes can also be part of the sentence; and a hefty Customs fine if
smuggled alcohol is involved. The authorities also hand out stiff
penalties to people found in possession of equipment for making
SOMEONE7338 years ago
hi is this the malt extract and how can i find it if were i live there are no brew suplies shops is there any other place ican find it
moaner70 (author)  SOMEONE7338 years ago
Hi there, have a search around for an online supply. There are plenty here in England. Where do you live?
in saudi arabia and no alcohol at all we only have nonalcoholic beer and idon't know what is the malt extract