Step 25: Add sugar and then siphon the beer into the bottles.

Picture of Add sugar and then siphon the beer into the bottles.
Add half a teaspoon of demerera sugar into each bottle. Use a funnel will make it easier. I used (15x) 500ml beer bottles. Make sure they are proper beer bottles, other bottles/containers may be lible to explode under the carbon dioxide that will be produced within the bottle. Siphon the beer from the bin into each bottle.
grizybaer5 years ago
I thought he had 5 gallons of wort. if his bottles are 16oz, he should have close to 40 bottles? is there heavy volume loss by evaporation or sediment?
it is way easier to mix a water sugar solution and add it a fermentation bucket then siphon the beer off the sediment into the new bucket with the sugar solution then rack to bottles.
Jalakahops7 years ago
I know the instructions say you HAVE to use those expensive bottles or they will explode. I have used plain beer bottles bought from the grocery store and reused them with no problems. Its cheaper to buy the bottles with beer in them than have empty ones shipped to your house. How does that work?
its even cheaper to raid the recycling bin and dumpsters....that is if you live in an area that has that sort of thing.